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Rodent Control

Rodent control services

Rodent control services in Dhaka

Finding a solution for rodent control is crucial as a result of mice and rats cause malady. Rodent control services in Dhaka Whenever you face any disturbance associated with rodents, Safe cleaning Services is here to assist. We will offer you the tools you would like to spot the rodents and perceive their behavior.

Why do rodent control be essential

  • Damage to product

Rodent teeth grow unendingly throughout their life and that they got to gnaw to stay their font teeth short and sharp.

  • Damage to buildings

The enamel covering of eutherian is very exhausting. They’re capable of chew through wood, plastic, metal like lead, copper and aluminum and even concrete.

  • Damage to name

With headlines like these, a business’s name may be tough to reconstruct.

  • Disease

Due to a rodents mode, they will carry and transmit several diseases. Rats will carry probably fatal Weil’s disease. Rats and mice can also carry and transmit un-wellness microorganism like enteric sp. or E.coli.

  • Contamination

Rats and mice don’t have a good bladder, therefore, urinate frequently as they move. Mice additionally turn out on the average eighty ordure per day whereas rats a mean of forty per day.

  • Conforming with legal necessities

Under the hindrance of injury by Pests Act 1949, property house owners and business have a legal obligation to manage rodents on their premises.

  • Fear

Whether it’s the speed that they move, their tailor their association with death, no horror film is complete while not rats in an exceedingly burial chamber or sewer.

  • Noise

When rodents gain access to wall cavities or lofts it’ll solely be a matter of your time before they emerge within the building. Their movement also can keep you awake throughout the night.

Types of rodent control we provide

We provide rodent control for the following types of rats:Types of rodent control

Roof Rats

They produce their nests sometimes roof on the building roof rats will mount the highest of the building. They additionally board garages, boxes, ceilings, underneath floors, and within the thick grass. They’re extraordinarily robust at senses of hearing, smell, touch, and taste. However, they’re color blind. Roof rats wish to eat vegetable and fruits. They additionally wish to eat meat. Every year they ready to offer birth up to six times and have a minimum of 6 young. Roof rats cause diseases like Antivirus.

House Mice

House mice board teams and ready to create nests on their own. They share escape holes and customary areas for uptake and urinating. Their color principally sort of a brown, lightweight grey and light-weight black. As house little in size, they will create simply cracks. Each twenty-one days brand new maternity may be created with up to six babies every litter. The excretory product of house mice may be robust as a result of they use it to speak with alternative mice.

Deer Mice

The deer mice seldom infest homes and it lives in village areas. The deer mice create their range in outdoors like hollow tree logs. They are available indoor on rare occasion. The tiny bit larger than the mouse. Their feet and side area unit usually white, high of their body is auburn and its short tail is roofed with fine hairs.

Prevention is that the best answer to require action against rodents that we tend to Safe cleaning Services will give you with filled with your satisfactory rodent control service.


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