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Ant Control

Ants are social insect that belong to the same biological order as bees and waps. Each ant is a member of a highly organised Colony which can be as large as a millions of insects. Inside one single nest, there are workers, soldiers, drones and Queens and colonies of ants can occupy and use a wide area of land to support them. Our large trained team can control ant within 3/4 different ways.


Ants are the most hard to house sitters to dispel. They possess manifest behaviors and this is how each species can cause different damages. The most common type in Bangladesh is black house ant, which may be a nuisance once its population becomes out of control. Ants and carpet ants are especially annoying to house-owners thanks to their pernicious abilities to cause significant damage even with a small number of ants. As all these species have very similar appearances, our specialists in Our Country are specially trained to identify the exact species of concern, greatly helping our subsequent evaluation procedures.

The ant problem in our house used to be very annoying. Firstly, we tried to bear with it or to clear them by ourselves. Therefore, the problem did not go away until Aegis came in. They quickly identified that the ants in our house were carpet ants, and recommended immediate treatment because they had already caused quite serious damages in the house.

Safe Pest Control already included the red and black ants under cockroach control. If our esteemed clients ask us to carryout exclusive ants’ control, we will carry out the same with odorless chemical spray.

How Did We Get Ants?

  1. Poor sanitation
  2. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  3. Food residue on countertops
  4. Crumbs on the floor and trash not frequently emptied provide food sources

How Serious Are Ants?

Just think you have an ant infestation problem in your home. If you are watching ants where you don’t want them, then you do have an ant pester problem. Ants live in localities and rarely do outing alone, so where there are a low, there are likely much nearby. There are small number kinds of ants common in home, from sidewalk and gravel Ants to Pharaoh and Fire Ants. All ants share the very same basic body form.

Getting rid of ants in your home:

Although many House owners struggle with do-it-yourself ant control remedies, the ultimate results are often less than contented. A little problem can develop into large ones and this is when many people look up out the services of a pest control professional. Safe Pest Control is always ready to solve your problems.

Once our realization service technicians have recognized the ants’ species, they will give you with our most efficient solutions to deal with them efficiently. This gives you reassurance that the matter is in control while assuring the maintenance of your family and pets. Once the ants are dealt with, you can take essential precautions to keep ants away for good.

Prevention Tips:

– Seal all the percolation caves that you can get using silicone sealant.
– Close cracks around walls, door panels and windows.
– Make a bind obstacle. Line your kitchen with adhesive tape, sticky-side up

– Don’t leave food out. Ants are attracted to food so make sure you purified the premises or home every day and keep food stored in places where ants will get it harder to come at.
– Ant pollen can be used indoors and outdoors to prevent ant trails. The ant dust should be applied to places where ants could enter the home or premises, including doorframes, window sills, and gaps around electrical and water services easily.

Why choose Safe Pest Control service:

Our occupational spying devices make sure that it does completely elimination of ant population while remaining safe for pets and children. Thanks to our accurate triangulation of hotspot, we only use our baiting and spraying mechanism in the targeted area, thus minimizing human exposure and providing quick control as well as long-term residual effects against ant population.


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