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At Safe Pest Control Service we offer fumigation services that are designed to protect human health, your facility and product from damaging insects including termites and beetles.

Fumigation is ideal for:


  • Food plants
  • Grain bins, seed processors and feed manufacturers
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Trailers and railcar containers
  • Museum collections, furniture and antiquities
  • Commodities


Our foundation as an association are proudly and strongly embedded in agriculture and agrarian-based products. From wheat, grain and rice to logs and fine stuff, Fumigation Service & Supply has a resolution for your pest directorship needs.

Food Processing:

  • Milling
  • Seed
  • Grain
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Import/Export Containers
  • Warehouse/Distribution Centers
  • Pet Food/Animal Nutrition
  • Organic

We’re showing some of our most exoteric and best-selling seasonal products! Already know what you want? Safe Pest Control is recognized as a leader in the pest management industry for performing some of the nation’s largest structural fumigations. On The Other Hand fumigation can be an amazing choice for many kinds of formation, including single-family homes. Fumigation is beneficial in monitoring many pests, individually stored product pests, like Bengali meal moths and grain or flour beetles as well as rodents, bed bugs, and spiders. The fumigation experts at Safe Pest Control will describe the most appropriate treatment based on each property’s pest situation.

Safe Pest Control utilizes sulfuric fluoride for the fumigation of post-harvest products, like wheat, corn, and soybeans, as well as in other types of facilities. You can depend on the type of property, pest pressures and contents being treated, your fumigation consultant will partner with you to assure you’re receiving effective results you can count on.

Safe Pest Control Fumigation Services:

Over the years, fumigation has totally changed in Bangladesh and Obviously Safe Pest Control is up to date with all procedures and treatments. Also Educational institutions are the Venus of high trade that contains big fellowship of students. Keeping the care of students in our attention, we ensure that students of schools, colleges, universities and other technical institutions get education in a Safe and healthy environment. That’s why we do offer extensive range of institutional fumigation programs to extract all bugs, insects and animals from these institutions. In Bangladesh, we believe in good sanitation practice through quality house, office and fumigation services of other fields in many cities. We have a diversity of services offered to the business owners categorized.

We, Safe Pest Control for Home Fumigation: Everyone wants its home neat, clean and free from any type of bugs and insects. It offers home fumigation services to the residents of the country. At a very legitimate price, we have been working in the biggest city of Bangladesh from the past 10 years and our happily pleased customers are the great example of our quality services.

Our highly qualified specialists are skilled to prescribe all kinds of bugs and insects in your office and provide office fumigation services accordingly. We confirm that our proficient team removes all the bugs from your office so that you can love where you work.


Different types of Fumigations: 


  1. Commodity Fumigation:Commodity fumigation is   the treatment of a product by a gas, chemical or other process to eliminate the risk of a pest infestation.
  2. Container Fumigation:Container fumigation is the treatment of a commodity or the container itself to eliminate the risk of pests or disease from entering or leaving the country or state.
  3. Silo Fumigation:Silo fumigation is a cost-effective method to treat large amounts of grain products, for example cereals, animal feeds or chocolate within its storage vessel. It is a durable, optional service to container fumigation.

Safe Pest Control Solutions:

With perception to a broad range of fumigation services, we can assure you the most fitting form of treatment for your pest control needs.


The ultimate pest control method is Fumigation Services. Various kinds of fumigation services available in pest control treatments. Such as : Household Fumigation Service, Industrial Fumigation Service, Warehouse Fumigation Service, Container Fumigation Service, Palate Fumigation Service, Timber Fumigation Service and Vehicle Fumigation Service. Generally Pest Control Services cover for a particular infestation of Pest. But fumigation Services are covering all kinds of pest and insects infestation.

Household Fumigation Service

Sometime a flat or a house effected by more kinds of pest and insect. Several time tacking pest control services but do not get any positive result. Because all the pest are too odd tolerant and a particular treatment has use to for them. So the particular treatment is not more effective for these pest or insect in this house or flat. In that case house hold fumigation services are must needed for this property.

Industrial Fumigation Service

All the industries must need to continuing fumigation service with a particular frequency. Because Industry’s areas are so pest infestation friendly. For ensuring product qualities continuing fumigation is most important. Pest or insect can be play a villein roll for your manufacturing product. Some time we have seen shipment cancel when buyer find an insect in the packet of product.

Container Fumigation Service

This is the most important fumigation service among the all fumigation services. When you are an exporter you have to must ensuring your product carrying Containers are pest and insect free. So that its need to proper fumigation in your product carrying containers and also must need a valid Certificate of Pest free acknowledgment.

SAFE PEST CONTROL™ Provides all kinds of Fumigation Treatment Services with proper and valid certification.