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Wood borers are little beetles whose larvae feed expansively on wood. The full-aged make such a small pinhead size holes on the wooden read before running out. The brass or powder then begins to fall out from these tiny caves. This is the first symbol of infestation in the furniture.


The quantity of loss that wood boring beetles cause rely on many factors. To active wood annoying beetle infestation we offer Effective provision using chemicals for spraying and brushing feast. Also, we give injected chemicals into these tiny short holes with the help of needles to kill larvae in the timbers, which may damage the wood in the future. All wooden furniture and fixtures including those attached to the wall are treated with care and affection.


For the control of wood borers we provide effective treatment using chemicals for spraying and brushing treatment. The chemical will be applied using syringe into the caves. Our actual aim is to get the maximum amount of fluid into the wood .


Wood being a fleshy material is liable to be attacked by biological authorities. The leading agencies of wood deterioration are fungus and insects.


Fungi: Fungi causing damage to timber are mainly mould, sap stain, and decay, which are briefly mentioned below.


Mould: Moulds are superficial surface growths and are useful in indicating localized damp conditions conducive to fungal decay. They fall on the surface of wood with wooly or powdery outlook.


Sap stain Fungi: Sap stains as the name implies, discolor the wood. The fungi causing sap stain have colored hyphen. Fungi take food from the stored gravel and starch in the wood and are liable of utilizing lignin and cellulose.

Safe Pest Control Service:

Wood borers are tiny beetles whose larvae feed extensively on the wood. The wood worms while arising make small pin size caves on the ground of wooden furniture or fixture. Those tiny holes which you see on timber surface are actually the exit -holes where the old aged wood borer has left. The fine yellowish colored powder begins appearing from these little holes. This reveals the blasting activity of borers deep inside the core of the wood as these are interior feeders. They feed on the cell amount of the sapwood. While feeding they make tube and pupate within the wood. Borers or Powder Post Beetles attack partially or fully seasoned wood with 15-25% moisture.

Signs of a woodworm infestation include:


  • Fresh exit holes in timber: these are oval or circular shaped with sharp edges.
  • Weak and damaged floorboards. In many cases, you’ll notice it when a foot or chair leg goes with the floor!
  • Holes in the wood. These are often difficult to see, and they are also known as galleries.
  • Bore dust is another telltale sign. Also known as Fras, bore dust is caused by emerging adult beetles, and can be seen below the infested wood.
  • Crumbling wood.
  • Beetles which are dead: these are usually venue around the infested timber.
  • Eggs, although these are difficult to point with the naked eye.
  • Borer larvae: these are a curved shaped and a creamy white color.


How to Get Rid of Wood Borer: 

When a wood borer infestation is left non-treated, they can easily develop into a serious problem, such as destroying wooden places, door and furniture. The following step will let you feel discourage wood borer infestations:


  • Wood boring beetles are stretched out to the moisture content in the wood; try to keep furniture, door and wooden items always dry.
  • Seal cracks and crevices on timber surfaces to obstruct wood borer from breeding.
  • Remove infected wood to avoid the infestation from spreading to another area.
  • Usually infestation occurs before the timber is procedure. If the suppliers do not dispose their timber, the infestation will be in the end product. It is urgent to buy from honorable sources.

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