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How to Clean Your Home for Coronavirus

Cleaning and hygiene tips to help keep the COVID-19 virus out of your home From doing laundry to preparing meals — every day measures to help protect your family. Can you catch the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from food? How should I do laundry now? Mundane household tasks have turned into a source of uncertainty and […]

Office Cleaning Services in Dhaka

Our passion is to clean Dhaka city offices, homes, schools, colleges, hospitals and business establishments. An office cleaning service includes professional cleaning solutions tailored for corporate or business environments. It involves extensive cleaning of places including offices, hospitals, common areas, restrooms and shared facilities. This service includes general dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, sanitizing surfaces, emptying […]

Pest Control Service in Bangladesh

Pest control and lifestyle In the working life of the present-day working-age family, when both occupants are moving in the workplace, keeping the house flat is a challenge. Although various infectious antibacterial electronics are available in the market, they are very inappropriate to use in our country, and they are also expensive. It is also […]

Pest Control BD

What is pest control Pest control is the control or management of any species defined as a pest, a member of the animal kingdom that adversely affects human activities. ... This can be achieved by monitoring the crop, applying only pesticides if needed, and growing different pesticide-resistant varieties and crops.   Why is pest control [...]

Dengue mosquitoes Best Ways to avoid Dengue

The incidence of dengue fever is increasing day by day in Dhaka. There is no salvation from dengue or the diseased mosquito. Dengue is a viras fever. AIDS spreads dengue fever virus by mosquitoes. There are four types of dengue virus. These are DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4. Dengue fever is actually caused by any […]

Pest Control Tips When Buying a New House

Prevent proper pest before signing in dot line Something more exciting than buying a house, and a few steps. The process should be taken to ensure smooth running. Along with a cosmetic update, you can go to your new home. it is also important for any problems that are visible to the naked eye. One […]

Best Pest Control Dhaka

Be it home, office or other premises, pests can be literally anywhere and everywhere. But service like Pest Control BD of Safe Cleaning Service is here to relieve you from that hassle. First, Let's learn about pests and how to control infestation. Pests can be identified with unwanted insects, rodents, germs and other kinds of [...]

Cleaning services in Dhaka

Cleaning services in Dhaka Bangladesh Cleaning service doesn’t forever demand a lot of attention from the individuals however it’s not such a piece which will be denied. Typically cleanliness demands rather more attention instead of the other job. That’s why it’s higher to treat it as a traditional job cleaning services in Dhaka. While not […]

pest control service Dhaka

Best pest control service Provider Dhaka There’s nothing worse than sitting all the way down to a delicious meal solely to visualize one thing skittering across the ground out of the corner of your eye. Pests haven’t any place in your home or business, thus get obviate them quickly and effectively with the great pest […]