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Specialized Bathroom Cleaning Service | Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

We are a full-service commercial cleaning company that specializes in bathroom cleaning. You require clean, sanitized, and deodorized restrooms and facilities. Your customers, employees, and guests visit your company daily. Simply put, the higher the traffic in your commercial space the more

Why we clean

We clean because we enjoy using clean facilities. We also clean because we know that you like using clean ladies and men’s rooms. Most commercial cleaning companies underperform when cleaning this area.

More often than not, they don’t have the tools to do the job in a cost-effective, efficient, and safe manner.

Let’s face it, cleaning a bathroom can be a dirty job. For us, it is our only job. That is why we are so great at it.

Your guests and patrons deserve sanitized and hygienic bathrooms. What they think of your establishment sometimes depends on bathroom cleanliness. For restaurants and certain other industries, this is especially true.

Your employees perform hard work day in and day out for your company, when they need to relieve themselves they’d appreciate a clean bathroom.

Your staff will complain if they are the ones that assigned to clean the restroom behind everyone else. We’re certain that they can do more productive things than clean a lavatory.

What We Clean

Bathroom Stalls

Bathroom stall cleaning is a high priority because they can become germy, foul-smelling, and unsightly if left unchecked.

Hand Dryers

Hand dryer cleaning is important for appearance and sanitation purposes.


Wall cleaning in bathrooms can be vital because buildup can be unsightly and unsanitary.


Dispenser cleaning is needed because they are touchpoints.


Toilet cleaning, toilet bowl sterility, and toilet seat disinfection are essential to bacteria and odor elimination.



Sink cleaning is important because washing hands leaves behind contaminates and residue that can become bacteria or mold if left untreated.


Locker room cleaning is important for sanitary reasons.


Bathtub cleaning is crucial because bathing leaves behind the most residue.


Shower cleaning is necessary because the shower can have bacteria and scum buildup if left unclean.


Bathroom floor cleaning is mandatory because filth always makes its way to the floor.


Vanity cleaning is critical because it’s usually the 1st thing a person sees when entering a restroom.


When We Clean

We can clean one time, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You tell us what works for your facility and your schedule.

Where Are Our Service Areas

Currently, our service areas are the whole country in Bangladesh.

How We Clean

We clean the environmentally friendly way. We scrub, scrape, and wash away all of the undesirables in even the dirtiest of bathrooms.