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Termite Control

Termite control services in Dhaka

Termite control services in Dhaka

Termite control services in Dhaka In Our country insect hurt is common as a result of our tropical globe and high wetness impel the expansion of insect sociology they will go after wood for twenty-four-hours-a-day while not sleeping that’s why their infestation can quickly result in wide repairs and structural failure. For this reason, you may need a credible company for depending on termite control process.

Commonly found termites in Bangladesh:

  • Subterranean termites.
  • Dry wood termites.
The safe cleaning Provides:

Based on the layout of your home and the degree of termite infestation, safe cleaning will create a customized treatment plan tailored for your home.

Which types Termite of homes are affected?

  1. Homes with wooden furniture & fixtures
  2. Landed homes
  3. All apartments
  4. Commercial properties

General Termites Identification:

  •  Egg – nymph -adult.
  • Termites have straight informed beady antennas.
  • They give the impression of being quite constant to ants however are pale white to a straw
  • A flock of termites is often darker colored, very like most species of ants.
  • The regenerative adult termite’s pairs of wings are of constant size.
  • Whereas the flying ant’s wings aren’t.

            Termite control Working Progress                                                                          

Termite control Working Progress:

Termidor Liquid Termite Treatments: Our style of insect management ways treat everything from the potential areas of mud tubes the structures subterranean termites build to travel from their aim the bottom and around in your home wherever the termites keep.

We have a tendency to even provide endless secure conduct and facilitate with insect observance once you benefit of 1 of our subterranean insect bond offerings to unceasingly preserve your home or business.

Sentricon Bait and Monitoring:  Sentricon System with forever Active is that the gold normal of insect molestation systems and is that the sole product scientifically tried to effectively eliminate insect colonies. They feed deliberately on that however ne’er unroll the snub, not even whereas the proprietary active material is putting off their ability to survive or breed. They ne’er catch on. The final output is the death of the queen of their settlement.

Why select Safe cleaning termite control Service:


Our Specialist can perform a radical examination of your home by checking your basement or crawl space for wetness, your foundation for wood dust, associated alternative risk areas that will attract an infestation.

We tend to utilize progressive instrumentation like IR thermometers, wetness meters, and white ant detection systems to assist him scientifically assess your home. after we square measure done, you’ll receive our recommendation, complete with custom-built digital diagrams and it’s scrutiny Report outlining issues we tend to know, also as counseled conceive to defend your home from termites.


The treatment offers immediate protection also as protection from future infestations throughout the period of the protection arrange. Safe cleaning treatments expand to achieve important areas, providing further coverage and protection against termites.

Concentrical Bait and watching. Concentrical targets at-risk locations around your home like recent tree stumps, moist soil, irrigation mechanical device heads, roof downspouts, and alternative wet areas.


once your treatment, your persecutor Specialist can implement an eternal white ant Protection conceive to monitor and facilitate defend your home for any future signs of white ant activity. Your arrange also will embrace a Re-treatment Program. That way, within the unlikely event that termites invade your home following our visit, it’ll additionally come to battle the matter at no extra charge.

Most importantly you’ll receive a white ant re-treatment arrange on the one year day of remembrance of your treatment, and annually thenceforth. Termite control services in Dhaka At Middle state white ant and persecutor management, we tend to take nice pride in providing the simplest service doable.

We tend to make certain that you simply square measure utterly proud of our work, we’ve got a 100 percent Guarantee. If you’re not entirely happy with our termite control services, rest assured that your concern and satisfaction is our summit priority.


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